11 Nov 2015 - New York City - A bald eagle is presented at America's Parade on Veterans Day.



"We must always consider that we shall be as a City upon a hill —the eyes of all people are upon us."

JOhn WintHrop, 1630


"City upon a hill" is a document framing the democratic process in the United States in 2016. Like a map, it serves as an overview about one of the most polarized election years in this country’s history. It is a surgery dissecting the concept of politics into it’s various pieces - power, media, theater and tragedy.

The political process is a vicious concept. For some its a game, for others its survival. While the political class is dividing the country into Democrats and Republicans, 200,000 parents are separated from their children through deportation. It is in this tension between the elites’ decisions and the people affected by it where someone has to find democracy. Unity, polarization, manipulation, fear and rage are just some topics these photographs are describing.

But most importantly this project is a foreigner’s perspective, fresh and curious and not used to this country’s status quo. It is an effort to investigate the one in charge, to understand the people on the streets, those in between and to hear the ones who are left without a voice.


ongoing project