Cleveland, OH, and Philadelphia, PA


During the National Conventions in Cleveland, OH, and Philadelphia, PA, both the Republican and Democratic Party are choosing their presidential nominee for the race in 2016. Candidates from both sides face issues unifying their party behind them and are producing scandals all along their campaign. While the delegates inside the Conventions are supposed to translate the will of the people into a democratic election of a nominee, protestors outside are accusing the system to be rigged and claim their right to speak out against it.

It is a moment of great frustration in the election year and shows how divided this country is. People are fed up. For Bernie Sander supporters its the end of a long battle, the final nail in the coffin. They lost long before, but they yelled to the last breath, where as representatives of the Republican Party showed their disagreement by staying away from their Convention. The American people won't unify behind a nominee, not even behind the party.

In the midst of this all hundreds of eyes are scanning every inch of the perimeters surrounding the conventions. The police force is strong and nips every uprising in the bud. The fear of terrorism and the recent shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge are causing tensions and still the public was allowed to execute their 2nd amendment right and protest with openly carried weapons.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both got the votes of the majority of the delegates, they are clear winners by numbers and still a weird taste remains after the spectacle comes to an end. While the party inside is cheering and congratulating themselves for their great appliance of democracy, people on the outside describe this year as a choice between a criminal and a demagogue, cynically drawing the image of a 'lesser of two evils' vote.